Thursday, November 1, 2007


Week 12

We do our final touch up at the library and were visited by YB Dato' Seri Dr. Shafie b. Hj Mohd Salleh who unofficially launch our mini library project. And that was it. We come, we saw and we conquered. Our project is finally finished after several months of hardworking. Now we can finally rest and all we can do now is wait, finger crossed for the result. And oh yeah!!, study for our final exams

(The Orang Asli are uncomfortable to studies with their home conditions)

(Now, with our mini library, they can studies in comfort conditions and the also can discussed with their friends )

(Candid with YB Dato' Seri Dr Shafie and scout)

(Candid together Avant-Garde team with Orang Asli)

(Our Team Leader with YB Dato' Seri Dr Shafie launching our Mini Library)

( Cikgu Ruzzi have a little discussion with the reporter from Sinar Harian for our project...huhuh)

(Our teammate Lina, is teaching the Orang Asli about the ICT)

(YB Dato' Seri Dr Shafie reading some poems for the Orang asli)

( Show around YB Dato' Seri Dr Shafie in our library)
( YB Dato' Seri Dr Shafie visit our mini library)

(together we customize our library for the final touch..huhu)

We received 6 boxes various books from Penerbitan Cerdik Sdn Bhd sponsored by YB Dato Seri Dr. Shafiee Mohd Salleh MP of Kuala Langat. Fortunately, there are new books from the publisher. It contains academic books , exercises books and also some encyclopedia for general knowledgement. Then we went to Kg Sg Judah to rearrange and put the book at the rack that we bought yesterday. Today we also have a visitor from Orang Asli children.

(Rearranging and put the books at the rack)

(Orang Asli Kids likes to reading at in our Mini Library)

(The academics books after being arrange)

( Picking up some books for reading)


We went back there to install a brand spanking new computer courtesy of Dato' Haji Abd. Fatah b. Haji Iskandar,member of selangor exco with a scanner, photocopy and printer. It's quite fabulous actually we also bought new bookshelf to contain all the books we have. We give out our first computer lessons to the local kids. They seems very inauthentic with the computer and we taught them how the computer function and all the basic need-to-know.

(Teaching orang asli how to use the computer)

(Installing the new PC that sponsored by Dato' Haji Fatah b. Iskandar)

Week 11


It's Saturday and it's raining.We again went back to Kg Sungai Judah to do our final touch at the Library.We start organizing the books and pick the books and magazines that is suitable for them.It's hard work because we received a lot of book and not all of them are in a good condition,so we have to get rid of some of it.After finishing our work,we have our lunch.Suddenly,we were visited by the local children who looks eager and excited to see our work.They went directly to the books on the shelves and started going through the books.It's very heart warming because this is what we came for.... to give them the joy of reading.And our work here is done.
(selecting and rearrange books and magazine that suitable for the library)

(Our Teacher, Pn Fatimah Ahmad is preparing Nasi Lemak for lunch...yummy)

(Relax and having some Nasi Lemak after finish rearrange books and magazines)

(The final result..huhuhu..)

(our first visitor,..huhu...seems like they were comfort reading and having fun in the library )


At 3 or so pm,two of our members went to Kg Sg Judah to oversee the arrival of the shelves,tables and chairs that we bought some time ago...

( We are putting up the bookshelf together with the orang asli)

Week 10


Today we went to Cognis Oleo~Chemical Sdn Bhd and meet up with Mr Solomon John J.Dass and En. Najib. We received a praise from En. Mohammad Najib Rashid(Regional Human Resource Director) for our Project. Then, at 11.00am in a hurry, we went to Perpustakaan Desa Olak Lempit to retrieve some books for the library. We receive a generous amount of books courtesy of Perpustakaan Desa Olak Lempit.

( Our team Leader, Hilmi is presenting our presentation to En. Mohammad Najib Rashid(Regional Human Resources Director), Cognis)

(With Cognis Member)

(Selecting some English books for the library)

Week 9

Week 8


We're taking a leave for 2 weeks for Eid Mubarak or Hari Raya.

Week 7

Saturday (6/10/7)

It's Saturday and we've got a lot to do today. We went to Kg. Sg. Judah to paint the building. We've got help from the school scout. It's very tiring considering that most of us are fasting and it's very hot that day. But inspire all of that, we do our work with some help from the resident of Kg. Sg. Judah.

( Painting together with the scout's team)

( Relaxing after finish painting)

( We are putting the banner in front of the library)

( Arranging the stuffs at the proper place)

(mission complete)

Friday (5/10/07)
At 10.00am, we all went to Banting to meet with YB Dato' Seri Dr Shafie bin Hj Mohd Salleh,Kuala Langat's Parlimen Member, to get funds and support from him for project. After that, we all went to Hardware Shop to buy Paint, Brush, Roller and a nice blue Mat. Then, we went back to school to store all the stuff and have some meeting with the scout team to get help from them to painting the Mini Library at Kg. Sg. Judah, on Saturday.

(with Dato'Shafie bin Haji Mohd.Salleh)
( Selecting suitable paint colour and brush)

(Choosing nice blue rubber mat)
Week 6

EXAM FINALLY OVER!!!we get back together with new and dynamic ideas... I think....
What a relief.... We get back together and continue our discussions...
We're planning to meet Dato' Seri Dr Shafie bin Hj Mohd Salleh,Kuala Langat's Parlimen Member...
but unfortunately he's not around,instead we went to NEC Semi Conductor(M) Sdn Bhd to get the stuff.
They're so kindly donated for our project..(^^,)..:
-823 novel + book from NEC.
-131 megazines and others.
very-very thank to:
-Tn. Hj Nazamudin mahmudin

( Retreive books and magazines from NEC)

And then, we meet with Dato' Haji Abd. Fatah b. Haji Iskandar,member of selangor exco...
he's so kindly and want to give some donated to our project....
What more we need for this project to done clearly...
Dato Fatah can help....

After that all activities, all of the facilities that we get from NEC, we send it to the Mini Library Project in Kampung Sungai Judah.

Week 3,4,5

Nothing done here because all of us is going through SPM and STPM trial....
but our project advisor is still working hard to get help from the 'big' people...
3 hours non stop sitting in a chair,our rear end sore... hahaha.....

Week 2

GOOD NEWS!!we're shortlisted to the next level.. Phew.. what a suprise...
now the pressure is on...
First discussion as a team... we seriously planned our project... what to do..?!?
We start thinking about funding,materials,how the project will done and stuff also...
We finally give our group name after thinking about an hours.... hehehe.. we are called "AVANT_GARDE".....
We went to Kg Org Asli sg Judah to see the project site(picture is show below).
We also meet up with the head village(Tok Batin),Ata Anak Ya...
he's nice... he looked happy with our project....
And we meet Rita a/p Asih,the person who's running the place...
they're very glad to hear our proposal..

Week 1

We drafted a proposal for the project for maxis cyberlinq competition.
Our project is to build a mini library at Kg Orang Asli Sungai Judah,
Pulau Carey,then we submitted ourteam's detail.The sevensome... plus our advisor..
we then build our blog... then,what we can do is cross our finger

-Home sweet home-
This is it reality....


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